Becky Mair

Inspired by abstract artist Jackson Pollock, Becky Mair is known for her energetic painting style and bold colour palette. In 2013, Becky won an award for Best Selling Published Artist. She works mainly in acrylic paint, ink and domestic emulsion paint.

About the artist: Becky developed her own immediate response to a technique developed by the abstract artist Jackson Pollock, whilst studying his process at university. His unique style 'has inspired me to produce a fluid, energetic, representational reaction to his work', she once quoted. 

Using acrylic paint, ink or domestic emulsion paint, Becky works directly from the tube or paint pot. She takes a stick or a tube and flicks the paint from a standing position over the paper or canvas. 'With my work I am interested in expressing an impression of the subject matter its stature, energy, and essence,' she says.

In 2013, Becky Mair was the proud recipient of the Best Selling Published Artist award at the Art & Framing Industry Awards.