" Storm Trooper " - by Simon Nix - Original - Framed 62x87cm

Item number PTN-NIX-002

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Box framed in Anti reflective Art Glass 62x87cm

Simon is a Brighton born and based artist. He draws his inspiration from the natural world both native and exotic. His work explores the roles of humans in animal lives; reflecting the positive and negative affect that we may have on species and ecosystems through our beliefs and popular cultural explorations of other species.  Much of Simon’s recent work celebrates real butterflies; each one is carefully and painstakingly mounted and set, prior to placement in its final resting place, making each specimen an individual work of art. The process of relaxing, mounting and setting each type of butterfly can take several days.  Larger work can take many months to finalise.  The light captured by the wings of the butterflies reflect and change over the course of a day, as the piece ages the colours will deepen and transform meaning the artwork is forever evolving.  The butterflies are a symbol of transformation from old to new from young to prime.  The transition into beauty, Simon’s artwork means we can celebrate their lives after death adding another stage to the butterfly’s metamorphosis.  


All butterflies are sustainably sourced from captive collections or from communities who benefit from the sale of the specimens, non of the butterflies are considered endangered or listed on CITES.


Box framed in Anti reflective Art Glass 62x87cm