Amedeo Modigliani

Modigliani’s œuvre includes paintings, drawings and sculpture. Although he had little success while alive, he is now considered one of the greatest Cubist artists of his time.


About the artist: Amedeo Modigliani was an Italian Jewish painter and sculptor who worked mainly in France. He lived between 1884 and 1920 and is best-known for portraits of nudes in a modern style, characterised by the warping of faces, necks and figures. His works were negatively received during his life, but he later found acceptance.

Modigliani spent his youth in Italy, where he studied the art of antiquity and the Renaissance. In 1906, he moved to Paris and became friends with Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brâncuși. By 1912, he was exhibiting highly stylised sculptures with Cubists of the Section d’Or group at the Salon d’Automne.

He died at the young age of 35, of tubercular meningitis.