Sue Collins

About The Artist : Sue Collins spent her childhood between the countryside landscapes of the South East and the sandy beaches of the South West. She has always loved drawing and been fascinated by scenic surroundings, however, it wasn't until adulthood that she discovered her passion after she enrolled on a college course with a friend. Collins went on to study two college courses and a degree and she has never looked back.

Collins' work has been featured on the BBC and her work has been sold in a number of leading retail stores. Her piece ' Downs View' was shortlisted for the Artist and Illustrators of the Year Award, an achievement she is extremely proud of and one that saw her work exhibited at the Mall Galleries. 

Sue puts a great deal of time and effort into creating her intricate works. Each linocut goes through a complicated process of carving and perfecting before she begins experimenting with colours to create the finalised prints. Her works traditional techniques with modern, vibrant colours to create unique and vivid contemporary works.