Stephen Meakin

Stephen Meakin is a world-renowned specialist artist highly recognisable by his signature aesthetic, beautiful and powerful mandala-style paintings that have such an ethereal beauty it's like viewing music formed in air each with its own number, rhythm, cadence and tone. A Master of Sacred Geometry, these artworks are created with the technical inspiration from Celtic and Persian ornamental design and with mystical directive of the Rose Windows from medieval Europe and Sacred Mandala of Tibet. 

Stephen Meakin creates paintings to 'Celebrate the Universe' in all it's awesome radiant beauty from snowflake to supernova everything is connected.

About the artist: Stephen Meakin was born in 1970 in Staffordshire, England, and spent his formative years in Bath and Brighton. As a child, he was known for being quiet and contemplative, busily engaging himself in abstract thought by staring out of the classroom window or doodling. In fact, gazing into the outside world and more importantly, the idea of seeing through to the nature of things, became the defining theme of his creative practice for decades to come.

From the very first glance at Steve’s paintings, there is a sense a reverence and connectivity with nature. He is best-known for his large-scale, colourful paintings that are under-pinned by the meticulous craftsmanship of (archetypal) universal geometries. He works predominantly in oils and has been known to use herbal extracts from real plants to make his paintings more authentic and unique.

With a controlled but expressive artistic style, each canvas is meticulously constructed over hundreds of hours to finally reveal impressive mandala-esque patterns. On closer inspection, intricate geometries can be seen woven together with botanical form, butterflies, bees, birds and mystical creatures. Each composition has its own numerical narrative embedded within its detail. Just as a pentagon (forget-me-knot has five petals), is different from a hexagon (honeycomb has six sides), each of Stephen’s paintings has its own structural laws and its own number, rhythm, cadence and tone. The essence of this work is to encourage a higher level of relating with both the spiritual and physical worlds.