Cliff Clouds - Framed original Painting by Nicola Hodgson - Acrylic on canvas

Item number PNT-NHOD-021

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About The Artist : ​Nicola spent her childhood in Africa and was strongly influenced by the visual abstraction of African art. Her paintings are led from the heart through the hand, and she seeks emotional resonance with the viewer. 

Nicola's paintings are evocative of her environment; her fascination with ever changing light and the force of nature is evident. She strives for movement and depth in her paintings and will often experiment with different techniques to achieve a three dimensional texture in her work. 

Nicola’s work is layered, inviting the viewer in to discover instinctive marks created in a moment in time.

Nicola comes from a creative family and the following quote, written by her brother - Rodger Hodgson (co-founder and singer-songwriter of Supertramp), is an ode to process

​"When I'm alone, I just let the music take me. Then whatever is going on inside me in my heart or in my emotions or my soul can come out much more easily when I'm kind of empty, if you like, or more clear. That, to me, is really the magic of composing; getting your mind and getting out of the way to let magic happen. It's a very amazing process to me, writing a song, and sometimes when I'm playing some of these songs I've written, I think, 'Wow! Where did that come from?'"
Roger Hodgson 

85x85 cm Framed