Neil Hemsley

Neil Hemsley is an artist based in West Sussex. He combines photography with digital art to create futuristic cities and landscapes in vivid colour.

About the artist: Neil Hemsley had an interest in photography from an early age. He enjoyed composing shots and was more artistic then technical. At the same time he found art a great way to relax and studied this at school up to A Level. Life changed - as did careers - and it was not until a few years ago when, due to illness, Neil began creating art and photography again, this time manipulating photos in Photoshop. He was amazed at the level of creativity this medium offered, so he began to use Illustrator, combining the two and using a graphics tablet. Neil expertly blends photography with digital art to create surreal, fantasy futuristic worlds, cities and landscapes. His collections now also include woodland and surreal works. He deliverately uses striking contempory form and colour to bring his ideas to life. His works have been collected by individuals as well as gracing the walls of corporations, and are a popular choice with interior designers.