Metamorphosis - Limited Edition Print by Karen Hollis

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Limited Edition Print of 130 by Karen Hollis - Art in Bloom

A dash of difference. The peony’s petals twist and turn as it unravels revealing a flicker of cerise as an exciting accent to a gentle tone. An abstract texture likened to a coral swirling around in water, it’s depths creating hiding places.

“The variation of these beautiful 'Festiva Maxima' peonies never fails to lift my spirits. I can take hundreds of photographs of the way the light falls across the petals and each one will have it's own characteristics. This one has really captured the way a small flash of colour adds a sense of fun” Karen Hollis

Printed on 255gsm Somerset Enhanced Velvet professional cotton archival fine art paper using pigment inks. Each piece is signed and numbered and is available in two sizes. 

Small Image size: 15 x 15cm

Small Mounted 30x30 cm

Large Image size: 25 x 25cm

Large Mounted 40 x 40cm

About The Artist :

Hollis specialises in bright, bold floral paintings that are flooded with light. Her pictures of flowers capture the viewer and draw them in. A statement piece for any wall.

Hollis paints bold and bright floral paintings that capture the very essence of the flower. Her rose paintings have a real sensuousness to them. Each painting depicts deep curves and swirls. Her lily paintings are suffused with light which creates shade and depth. While the complex shapes of her orchid paintings show blends and twists, each revealing hidden depths.

Karen uses both oil paint and acrylic paint to create her lively canvases. Using the fluidity of the oil paints she creates smooth blends and deep shapes. While acrylic paints allow her to create glazes that give deep warm tones that overlay her strong shapes, creating flowers of rich hues.

Hollis’s work differs from traditional botanical art as her main aim is to capture the way light falls across a bloom. This gives the flower it’s body and strength. She aims to capture the essence of the flower not the accuracy.