Dominique Le Grand

Dominque Le Grand is an abstract painter. She uses acrylic, pigment, ink, newspaper, kraft paper and even silk and marble powder to create surreal worlds in which nothing is what it seems.

About the artist: Dominique grew up in an artistic world with her father (an architect), her mother (a decorator) and her grandfather (a sculptor). As a young girl, she would spend her weekends producing potteries, paintings and other models. She already had, at that time, a copy of a portrait by Picasso and Nicolas Staël in her room.

Dominique's paintings are mostly abstract and centre on an exploration of the wearing and tearing of time. She uses acrylic paint as well as pigments, walnut stain, ink, variegated scrap paper, newspaper, Papier d’Arménie, kraft paper, glass, silk, powder, marble, ashes and charcoal. She positions, glues, peels, scrubs, scratches, wears out, washes, wipes, strokes, rips, sands down and starts again. As she develops a representation of time, the artist respects the psychological process and piles the sediments layer after layer until the final piece is created.

An international artist, Dominique's work has been showcased in several solo and collective exhibitions in France as well as in Bratislava in Slovakia, Geneva, New York and Barcelona.